Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy


1. uses cookies in order to recognize internet enabled device of our customers during usage of our website and therefore to offer an enhanced, personalized experience.

2. Cookies are small data files that are stored on users’ devices while visiting the website. They enable e.g. to identify the type of device used or remember users’ preferences.

3. Cookies on this website are used in order to:

a) adapt the content of our website to users’ preferences and therefore optimize the site’s user-friendliness; in particular, these data files allow to identify users’ devices and display the content that is customized to their individual needs,

b) create statistics that enable us to understand the way our users browse the website and to optimize the site’s structure and content

c) maintain login throughout a single session, which spares users from retyping password and login on every page of our website.

4. Technical data that are automatically collected may be used to analyze overall demographic data, behaviors and interests of our users. We use these statistics in our ongoing efforts to improve our site and make it easier to use for our customers

5. Cookies are not harmful to users’ computers and cannot extract any personal information. Restricting the cookies we use on our website may impact your experience while on and prevent some services and tools from working, therefore we do not recommend turning cookies off while using our website.

6. Most internet browsers are set up to automatically accept cookies. You are able to change these settings in order to alert you every time cookies are being sent to your internet enabled device or to simply block them. To learn more about how to modify your browser settings, please refer to your browser help screen or instructions.

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